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Users Guide


This application consists of one executable (*.exe) file that should be copied to one of the SharePoint servers in the farm. No installation required. As soon as you are done, you can delete this executable which will remove any footprint from your server.

It's recommended to run this application on the CA server (Central Administration) server. If you are going to execute reports on the level of the farm, try to run these reports after hours to avoid consuming any resource that might be useful to serving your normal user requests.

How to run the application

This application needs to run with elevated privileges with a SharePoint farm admin account to avoid any permission issues. This can be done by logging-in to one of the SharePoint servers in the farm that has the application copied to (preferably a CA server) then right clicking on the application and choosing run as administrator. You don't have to be admin on the box to run the application.

Basic operations

In this section I'm going to explain how to do the basic operations in the SP User Manager.

Connect to SharePoint farm

To connect to the local SharePoint farm and load the SharePoint applications in the farm you do the following steps:
  • Click on one of the connect button options in the tool bar at the top left corner. You have two options:
    • Connect to the local farm and load all the SharePoint applications and their site collections. This process will take few minutes depending on how many site collections you have in your farm. If you don't have access to a site collection or a SharePoint application, it will not be loaded and marked as error.
    • Connect to the local farm and load all the SharePoint applications only. It doesn't load any site collections. This allows you to choose which application you would like to load its site collection.

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